Drugs and Alcohol

Drugs and Alcohol


Alcohol and drug awareness is an important part of everyone’s health and wellbeing. Drug and alcohol use can be an issue that affects anyone.

The effects can cause problems for communities, the individual and their families.

  • Are you, a family member or a loved one experiencing any problems as a result of drug and/or alcohol use?
  • Do you need help or advice to reduce your risks and prevent further issues?
  • Alcohol and drug use can affect your judgement, behaviours and your health.

Tackling Drugs and Alcohol in Newcastle

The intention of our Drug and Alcohol Delivery Plan is to reduce the health, social and economic equalities and harms caused by drugs and alcohol and the threat they pose to individuals, families and communities.

There are a range of services available within Newcastle to support you at any stage of your recovery or even if you just need further information.

Here’s how Alcohol can affect us

Immune system: Alcohol use, especially heavy use, can weaken the immune system and leave us more vulnerable to infectious diseases like Covid.

Health: Regularly drinking above 14 units a week increases the risk of heart disease, stroke and seven types of cancer. Cutting down is one great way to help reduce blood pressure.

Mental health: according to the Royal College of Psychiatrists, regularly drinking alcohol affects the chemistry of the brain and can increase the risk of depression, low mood and anxiety. Drinking could be making you feel more tired and more down.

Weight: Many people aren’t sure about the number of calories in their drinks - reducing how much alcohol we drink is a good way to cut our calories.

Get more information here from Balance or look at our range of services below.

Drug and Alcohol Support Services