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Moving from statements to Education, Health and Care (EHC) Plans

All children and young people with a statement will have their statement replaced with an Education Health and Care Plan (EHCP) by April 2018. 

This will be done through a processs called the "Transfer Review". To find out what is involved in the review, have a look at A Transfer Review - pathway and timeline

If you want to know when a particular student is due to have their transition plan, you can look at the document Dates year groups transfer to EHCPs

In Newcastle, we have made a plan which has decided in advance when the transfer will happen for each student, and we have explained how and why we are doing this in the document Newcastle Transition Plan.

How does an EHC plan differ from a Statement of Special Educational Needs?

  • The child or young person is at the centre of the assessment of their needs and of the EHC plan.
  • The family are involved in the planning process.
  • Parent carers may have increased flexibility in how money is spend through access to a personal budget.
  • There is more transparency and openess about the process.
  • Plans focus on outcomes or results with a clear view of how resources will be allocated.
  • The timescale proposed to produce an EHC plan is 20 weeks instead of the current 26 weeks for a statement.

Will EHC plans have the same legal duties as statements?

EHC plans will have specified and quantified special educational provision, just like statements do now.  This will have to be delivered by the local authority and can continue up to the age of 25 but only if a young person stays in education or training

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