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Childcare for children with an additional need or disability

Who can look after my child?

Newcastle’s childcare providers continue to provide a service for children with additional needs. Many childcare providers have indicated that they have experience or training in looking after children with additional needs.  

Choosing a childcare provider

It is usually best to discuss your child’s particular needs with the setting or childminder so that they can decide whether they are able to meet those needs, and you can decide if you are happy with the way in which those needs will be met. 

The Admissions and Information Service provide a brokerage services to families of children with additional needs and disabilities. If you are unable to find childcare that meets your needs and you have child with an additional need or disability, you can contact the service and we will help with the search. In the event of childcare not being found, this information will be fed back into the Childcare Sufficiency Assessment.

Additional funding and support

There is additional needs funding / support available to help children aged 2, 3 and 4 years to access 15 hours per week of early education in pre-school playgroups, day nurseries and nursery schools and classes. Each of these settings has a person responsible for co-ordinating provision for children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (known as the SENCO) and they will be familiar with the application process.

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