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Hadrian Education and Development Services

Hadrian Education and Development Services (HEADS) aims to support the following five core areas:

  • Childcare
  • Activities, e.g. dance, arts & crafts, music, sport & leisure.
  • Parenting support, e.g. behaviour management workshops, healthy eating workshops, communication workshops.
  • Swift and easy referral to other services, e.g. physiotherapy, speech & language therapy, occupational therapy.
  • Community use of the facilities, e.g. Adult Education, sport & leisure

HEADS is a registered company Limited by Guarantee to provide extended services for the benefit of the pupils and staff of Hadrian School. HEADS offer:

  • Quality Special Educational Needs (SEN) Training
  • Advice/Consultancy and Support
  • Quality Publications
  • Networking and Signposting
  • An excellent range of hosting facilities and resources

Over the last five years HEADS have trained over 4,000 professionals, parents/carers accessing high quality expertise with excellent feedback.

We have an increasing number of stakeholders using our superb facilities and an ever growing network of parents and colleagues taking advantage of our outreach advice and support.

Who to contact

0191 273 4440
Parent Organisation
Hadrian School

Local Offer

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Information


HEADS provides extended services for the benefit of the pupils and staff of Hadrian School.

Where to go

HEADS Training Centre
Hadrian School
Bertram Crescent
Newcastle upon Tyne
NE15 6PY
Last updated: 04/12/2017
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