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BrightLights Baby Group - Children with Visual Impairments

Bright Lights is a weekly group, set up to support preschool children with a visual impairment and their families. It is run by Newcastle Children’s Vision Team who are qualified specialists in supporting visual development through observations during play. The sessions are friendly and informal so everyone feels relaxed, children and adults alike. Using the fantastic facilities within the Alan Shearer Centre we are able to access the music room, sensory room, hydrotherapy pool and of course, the cafe!

Any child with a visual impairment is welcome to attend.

What happens at the group?

Every week, the session runs with the same pattern starting in the music room singing easily sung songs with sensory elements. We then spend time exploring lights, textures, black and white objects and images, tactile books and very exciting sensory stories!

The sensory ‘light’ rooms allow us to show families how to stimulate vision on a one to one basis. Every half term we book a session in the hydro therapy pool, which has just had a makeover and is amazing

Getting together in Browne’s café for a cuppa and chat which is a great way to end the morning!

If you have any queries or questions, please contact Katie Fuller;

Who to contact

Contact Name
Joanne Scott
Contact Position
Manager – SEND Sensory Service
Parent Organisation
SEND Sensory Service
Last updated: 28/04/2021
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