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January 2018 - Network Meeting

Welcome and introductions

Amber Burton, the Council’s Head of SEND and Vulnerable Learners (appointed in January 2018) has offered to chair future network meetings. Unfortunately, she is unable to attend today’s meeting and in both Amber and Lara’s absence, Di Robertson chaired the meeting.

Update of the work of the FAB group and Youth Link, Naomi Hope, Children North East

Naomi talked through the attached presentation (see downloads section)

  • Numbers attending the group are increasing
  • Currently, mentoring 35 young people across Newcastle
  • PHD student is working with Children North East to develop an app so that young people can rate services. We need to consider how this could feed into the local offer
  • Young people provide feedback to organisations

Question raised that there are many initiatives and services across the city for children that need some support but do not meet the CYPs threshold. How do we ensure that GPs and other professionals signpost children and young people to the services that best meet their needs? Can the group consider preparing information for the local offer to make services more accessible to families and professionals?

CYPS update, Shirley May, NTW

The single point of access for referrals is being rolled out. From 1st December it started for schools and in April, GPs will be brought on board. Further work to be carried out to raise awareness in schools, although referrals since December have increased. Eventually will provide open access to families. There is a clinical triage assessment from Community Practitioner with mental health background.

However, this initiative will not reduce waiting times. NTW are working on a waiting list strategy and a wider strategy to improve CYPS services.

In addition, NTW are developing a website with links to self-help guides and advice.

The referral form to CYPs to be reviewed to include consents, as the DNA rate for CYPs appointments is very high.

The group wished Shirley good luck for her new job in Northumberland. Shirley’s replacement will be Judith Turner.

CCG update/Engagement with GPs, David Jones (DCO) CCG

CCG continuing to work in tight financial envelope - £34m savings required

Current initiatives are: Sustainable Transformation Plans and Review of Urgent care

Recognise the need to maximise the impact of the work of the front line universal services and GPs

In Newcastle every GP practice has a Child Health Lead and they meet several times a year. Each GP practice has a school nurse lead. GPs are committed to same day access for children who are unwell. Communication Star of NHS services

It was suggested that the SEND IASS network attend the Child Health Leads group to find out what information GPs need and to promote the local offer/train GPs and GP receptionists on how to use the local offer. David to talk to Luke Connor re promoting the local offer with GPs. Put a group of people together to improve accessibility of local offer.

Local offer update, Luke Connor

Deferred to next meeting

Strategic Planning and next steps, Di Robertson

  • Request for a presentation on early help from Grainne Fegan, Lead Specialist, Integrated Assessment. More detailed early help training is available and can be booked on this website link: Early Help training | Newcastle City Council
  • Request a presentation on the council’s work to become a ‘child friendly city’ and embed UNICEF Children’s rights throughout all business. How do we embed into SEND agenda?
  • Plan a piece of work on the local offer

Notes of last meeting

We didn’t have time to go through the notes at today’s meeting. Please would group members return any amendments. (See downloads section)


PFA stakeholder event arranged by Skills for People is coming up, see flyer:

SEND High Needs review reported to Cabinet on 15th January the papers can be viewed at the following link: 

The SEND Strategic Board has now been reconvened the notes of the last meeting and the terms of references are attached for your information (see downloads section) 

Remember to promote the local offer:

Newcastle SEND Local Offer | Newcastle Support Directory

Future meetings

Date Time Venue
17/04/2018 10am-12pm Collingwood
17/07/2018 10am-12pm Collingwood
16/10/2018 10am-12pm Swan Parsons
15/02/2019 10am-12pm Collingwood
Last updated: 24/04/2018
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