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Makaton Workshops in Newcastle

Makaton Workshops in Newcastle

Specialist Teachers from the SEND Outreach Service work collaboratively with the Speech and Language Therapy team to offer Makaton workshops for pre-school children throughout the year.

These sessions can be accessed by parents, carers or family members who would like to learn more about supporting their pre-school child’s play and communication through Makaton.

Professionals working with pre-school children who have learning or communication difficulties can also attend the workshops.

Makaton Workshops are currently accessed remotely via Microsoft Teams but we are hoping to resume face to face sessions again as COVID restrictions ease.

Heidi (Brooke’s Mam) has accessed several remote Makaton Workshops during the COVID lockdown.  This has given her the knowledge, skills and confidence to begin to use Makaton at home on a daily basis to support Brooke’s play and communication.

Who to contact

Contact Name: Angela Barlow and Vicky Long

Contact Position: Specialist Teacher for Cognition and Learning / NHS Speech Therapist

E-mail: or

Supporting your child at home with Makaton

If your child is known to the SEND Outreach Service & Speech Therapy team, we may be able to arrange a home visit to share further ideas and demonstrate ways of using Makaton to support their learning and communication.

A Family's experience

Ivy’s Parents, Jessica and Mathew have accessed Parent & Carer Makaton Workshops and ongoing support from The SEND Outreach Service and Speech Therapy Team.

This is their experience….

‘We were unable to communicate with our daughter at first due to a significant speech delay, we found she was getting so frustrated and upset that she couldn't tell us what she wanted.

We are so grateful to our SEND Outreach Specialist Teacher and Speech and Language Therapist for introducing us to Makaton.

Although we were a little sceptical at first, our daughter picked it up so quickly and loves learning & practising her signs.

It has been a life saver for us as a family as we can now communicate with her and it has become part of our everyday life.

My mum attended a Remote Makaton Workshop (during Covid Lockdown) which she found very helpful and it is lovely to see them signing together!

We feel it has helped our daughter in so many ways, not only communicating with others but with her learning & development too as she is able to sign colours for example, which helps us know her level of understanding but also which areas she needs more support with.

Angela who is our Specialist Teacher (SEND Outreach Team) has supported us since our daughter was first diagnosed (just over a year old). The support has been invaluable. As well as regular visits she has given us loads of useful information, helped us with both our DLA & EHCP applications and organised a weekly Inclusion Support Worker to visit her at Nursery."

There are some videos of Ivy using Makaton below:

Ivy using Makaton 1

Ivy using Makaton 2

Ivy using Makaton 3