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SEN School Effectiveness documents


The SEN and Disabilities Frameworks below are a tool to support the leadership and management in improving provision and outcomes for pupils in their school:

  1. SEND Review Framework no ARC May 2020
  2. SEND Review Framework with ARC May 2020
  3. SEND Review Framework Special schools

Accessibility Plan Guideline

SEN Information Report Guidelines This document is intended to provide parents, carers and families with information on how we support pupils identified with a special educational needs or disability

Annual SEN Report: This September 2021 report reflects how an example school has used SEN funding to meet pupils’ needs

SEND policy: A September 2021 SEN and Disability policy document example

SEN Governor Report Guidelines

Early Years Screen Guidelines

Early Years SEN Support Plan Guidelines

Learning Difficulties Screen Guidelines

Activities to support auditory memory (July 2020)

Activities to support visual memory (July 2020)

ADHD support plan

Anger management pupil profile support plan

Early Years Screen 1-3

Early Years Screen 2-5

Early Years support plan (January 2021)

Entrenched pupil support profile

Guidance for placing pupils at SEN support for MLD

Insecure Attachment support profile

My Support Plan (November 2020)

Nurture pupil profile support plan

Primary Transition

Secondary Transition

Teacher Initial Concern Form

Parental Consent Form

SEMH identification of need

SEN Networks 2021-22

SEN Support Plan Guidance

SEND Mainstream Guidance

These tips should benefit all pupils. Pupils with complex difficulties may need additional and more specific advice/intervention from relevant support services.

Top Tips - Primary schools : Use alongside SEND Mainstream Guidance

Top Tips - Secondary schools : Use alongside SEND Mainstream Guidance

Vocabulary resource : Working on vocabulary to help children access the curriculum