Children's Speech and Language Therapy

The children's speech and language therapy service provides expert guidance and support around children’s speech, language and communication.

Our commitment is to help children communicate to the best of their ability.

We aim to minimise any negative impact of speech, language or communication difficulties for the child and their family, as well as on their education and social lives.

Our geographical boundary is Newcastle and we also treat children through regional services.

 We can provide specialist support for:

Our team of highly trained speech and language therapists and dedicated support staff will ensure that a child receives the best possible healthcare and treatment, tailored to their individual needs.

We aim to provide child-centred, integrated support. We assess a child’s needs and work closely with the child, parents/carers, and other specialists to develop an individual care plan which links seamlessly to the child’s everyday activities, enabling them to continue their normal lives as much as possible.

There is an open referral system which means that anyone, including parents, can refer.  

Please note - from the 1st April 2023 we have a new set of referral guidelines and criteria. These include information on what to expect at different ages and stages, how to help and when to refer.

We will only accept referrals via email and on the current form. You must include supporting paperwork, as highlighted in the referral guidelines.

You can find all the information you need on our website:


If you require further support, advice etc whilst waiting for your appointment, please refer to the following website.




Completed forms must be emailed to us:




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