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Education and Employment

Choosing the right school or college for yourself, or as a parent/carer for your child or young person, is really important.  You might want additional support or information to help decide what is best for you.

When you are moving between schools, or leaving school there are lots of things to consider. To help you choose what to do next, think about: 

  • how you want to learn
  • what career you want to do in the future
  • for some jobs, you need to choose certain routes to get into them
  • your predicted grades

Think about your longer-term aims for what you want to do as an adult, and work out what steps you need to take to get there.

There’s plenty of choice including schools, colleges and other educational services such as traineeships, apprenticeships and supported internships.

If you are looking for education providers outside of Newcastle there are several listed in this section. For a full list please see the following article for further information (Section 41 Institutions)

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