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July 2018 - Network Meeting

Introductions / apologies

Lara Lillico

Meetings clash with CCG Child be healthy meetings


Ann B:

  • Refine list of invitees 
  • Ensure future meetings do not clash with Child Be Healthy Partnership

Notes from last meeting

Lara Lillico,

Petal map and provision mapping to be revisited at next meeting


Ann B to add to agenda

Benefits welfare rights update with SEND focus

Clive Davis, Welfare Rights Officer

Issue re DWP ringing schools to ask for child’s needs as part of assessment for DLA / at least 6 cases in 6 months at one school

City wide advice services:

Other benefits: If people are on benefits they may be able to get a rebate from Northumbrian Water / British Gas

Assistance available for people from Customer Services officers in libraries

YHN have advice and support worker in each job centre

People not claiming council tax benefit have to claim separately from UC

Suggested group sign up to Clive’s benefit fact sheet


Sheila to email Clive re issue and numbers

Can we look into easy guide to benefits and who to contact? Luke to try to summarize for local offer / Clive to give some thought to this

Consider inviting National Autistic society to talk about what they are doing for young people who are moving from DLA to PIP / issue re perceptions of needs from young person’s point of view and adults point of view / which impacts on benefits

SEND inspection

Lara Lillico

  • Letter published:
  • Lots of strengths reported
  • Written statement of action required / higher level strategic issues
  • Cath Hitchin to be our partner
  • First meeting held with DfE and DH 13/07 with Amber / Chris Piercy / Louise attended for parent carer forum
  • Working to develop strategic plans
  • Publish consultation responses in September

Local offer update

  • Numbers using the local offer still going up /  1,400 a week at end of May / roughly 900 a week average
  • Most people looking at activities and short breaks / education & employment / child care
  • Will revisit the inspectors comments re the local offer, but this was not in line with  feedback that we have received
  • Working with the FAB group
  • LA’s website being relaunched December / January / will heavily promote activities and news / feed into the Las website

Strategic planning and next steps

Lara Lillico / All

Opportunities to engage with parents/carers, children and young people and voluntary sector

How do we co-produce with steering group of forum and consult with wider group / Forum planning a third development day to consider how to move forward /  Forum working through how they fit in with the bigger picture /

Parents asking when the SEND review published

Amber put FAQs from Inclusion conference on the local offer


Defer to next meeting

Update re Child Friendly City Board

Andy Graham, Senior Specialist, NCC to attend at 11.30am

Newcastle is one of five LAs working on this new UNICEF programme (only city in England)

Putting views experience and rights of young people at centre of the city

3 year programme / high level political commitment

Discovery phase over the last 9 -10 months engagement activities / discovery day with CYP / looked at priorities through the eyes of CYP / mainly older kids / structured around the badges / three optional badges and three mandatory badges / optional badges picked by children and young people

Optional badges chosen by CYP:

  • Safe and secure
  • Equal and included
  • Health

Mandatory badges:

  • Culture
  • Co-operation and leadership
  • Communication

Now considering the practical priorities to deliver the programme / talking to City of Dreams/ Ben Dickinson / Children’s Society / bringing together of the cultural venues in the city / 10-year programme

Council now set up to better engage with CYP. Programme provides useful set off principles that the council wants to work by

Child Friendly City Board chaired by Cllr Casey

CYP reference group

6 monthly stakeholder sharing and learning

Further communications required for school



To send out the summary information

Look at attending other groups e.g. SENCo briefings / FAB group

Consideration needed re how to get the views of CYP with more complex needs (working group of SENCos?)

Consider info on council and website / further engagement activity now we have the three badges e.g. Children in HI and VI ARCs


Update re independent support

Clare Penny-Evans

Independent Support finishes at end of July. Will be referring people to Judith’s team. Working towards getting a message out to the community


Luke: Include latest news on Skills for People on local offer

Last updated: 02/10/2018
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