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Accredited Live and Interactive learning, online

Information for Schools

Tute is a UK leader in facilitating learning online; supporting schools in making the best teaching available to all, irrespective of location or background. Tute's experienced teachers use a Learning Cloud to deliver engaging live lessons to support intervention, curriculum enrichment or increase teaching capacity.

Learning continues between lessons on Social Spaces which allow students to collaborate, learn together and extend their thinking. Tute has delivered 15,000 hours of lessons to over 400 schools and 350,000 students. Partners in learning include Durham University, Shireland Collegiate Academy and Achievement for All.

In January 2017 we won the BETT award for ICT Tools for Learning, Teaching and Assessment-  Whole school teaching aids, where the judges recognised the combination of Tute’s excellent teaching with our own platform delivered improved outcomes for children.

Tute is associated with pupil premium award-winning schools and are commissioned directly by the DfE. The impact of our interventions has been subject to positive recognition from Ofsted in the context of their inspection reporting and the Welsh Government have published their recommendation of Tute’s interventions to student entitled to the pupil deprivation grant. We are also listed on the government digital marketplace G-Cloud 9 framework as a provider of cloud hosting, software and support.

Tute's virtual classrooms do much to overcome real barriers to learning. The combination of computer, headset and Tute's proven pedagogy creates a compelling learning situation. We are commissioned for reasons ranging from time-limited interventions to achieve specific objectives to being integral to a whole school curriculum offer and contributing to alternative provision offers when access to mainstream settings is not possible.

The pedagogy we have developed is based on Assessment for Learning, Bloom’s taxonomy and metacognition to ensure effective learning in every lesson. We want to ensure the students develop a higher level of understanding every step of the journey with Tute.

All Tute lessons are supported by regular progress reporting and every lesson is recorded for safeguarding, catch-up and revision purposes. Absence notifications are automated. We are pioneering our online pedagogy in partnership with the universities of Durham and Chester and assure the quality of our provision by recruiting qualified teachers who are experts in their chosen subjects and key stages.

All Tute teachers are recruited in accordance with the DfE safer recruiting standards, they have qualified teacher status and are experts in their chosen subjects and phases of education. Those who deliver Courses have access to exam board training, many mark exam questions and some are employed by exam boards to write exam questions. Our teachers undertake a thorough induction process and are supported with ongoing CPD. Our core team of teachers is employed by us and based at our school in Wrexham.

Our Virtual School is available for 36 weeks of the academic year and is used to meet short-term, alternative provision requirements. Enrolment in the Virtual School takes less than 48 hours.

Our Learning Programmes are designed in close partnership with schools to ensure they are tailored to need and are scheduled for delivery with 2 weeks of purchase. Tute Courses commence in September and teaching is ongoing throughout the year.

Tute's services are cloud based and can therefore be accessed via any standard internet browser via an internet connection. No specialist software is required and no need for downloads to the hard drive or operating system.

Pastoral Support on Offer:

Through our research partnership with The University of Chester, we are able to demonstrate Tute students experience high levels of emotional well-being with 90% and above confirming they feel safe, are unafraid to make mistakes, feel confident and feel valued when in Tute’s lessons.

  • Our provision can be accessed from any location offering a computer with broadband connection. We therefore have the ability to bring education to the learner in the home setting, enabling parents and carers to become actively involved in their child’s education. Parent and Carer engagement is recognised in the SEND code of practice as a key contributor to raising attainment amongst vulnerable and disadvantaged learners.
  • Our virtual classrooms overcome many barriers to education faced by vulnerable children and young people. They offer a comfortable degree of anonymity that raise confidence and reduces distractions for those who may not successfully engage in traditional teaching situations.
  • Those who many otherwise be isolated by their circumstances can be presented with opportunities to participate alongside others logging on from different locations and to socialise online in a fully moderated classroom environment.
  • For LAC who frequently lead transient existences, our virtual classrooms and online teachers can remain consistent features offering a source of stability in their lives. In addition, virtual school heads have the opportunity to track all LAC students in our online education, as if they were attending a single school.
  • For children excluded from school we can support phased reintegration to mainstream settings. We can also offer additional support at time of transition by bridging education between primary and secondary school, or between secondary school and further education.
  • Our reports upon academic attainment are given further context through recorded observations of social, emotional and behavioural responses.

Example Lesson

Professional Recommendation

How Shireland Collegiate Academy use Tute. from Tute on Vimeo.


We currently offer over 30 subjects as GCSE, AS and A Level courses and Functional Skills levels 1 & 2. An up-to-date list of subjects can be found on our website and can be emailed directly upon request. 


  • Excluded young people
  • Learner at risk of exclusion
  • Learners with disabilities
  • Students suffering physical or mental health conditions
  • Poor attendees
  • Pregnant teenagers/Young parents
  • LAC who may have been placed out of their LA or out of reach of their school
  • Young offenders

Group Size

Minimum group size: 1

Maximum group size: 12

Expected Outcomes for Students

Outcomes and targets for learners are always agreed in advance with the commissioning body and include:

  • Reintegration to mainstream school
  • Prevention of permanent exclusion
  • Achieving qualifications
  • Completion of accredited and non-accredited courses
  • Lowered risk of NEET and progression to post 16 provision
  • Positive changes to attitude, learning, motivations, confidence, self-esteem
  • Improved behaviour
  • Improved attendance and punctuality
  • Increasing employability prospects
  • Re-engagement with education
  • Improved progress and attainment.

Who to contact

Contact Name
Sarah Profit Ramsay
07779 574249

Where to go

Tute Education Ltd
3 Chesney Court
Wrexham Technology Park
LL13 7YP

Other Details


An annual subscription of £1495 per establishment applies. Thereafter, seats in Tute's pre-set Virtual School timetable cost £11.00 each. The annual cost of a seat in a Tute Course is £995.00 Off the shelf lessons in our Tute Go Learning Programmes cost £90.00 each and can be shared by up to 12 students (a per student cost of £7.50).

Alternative Provision

Description of English and Maths support
We teach English and Maths Functional Skills (from EL1 to L2) and deliver a full Maths GCSE and English Language GCSE (AQA 8700) – these are embedded together within lessons.

Description of Information, Advice and/or Guidance on future learning/employment opportunities provided.
We teach two careers units (CV Writing and Career Planning) which allow students to complete a plan for the next two years, including writing applications for Post 16 providers in the area of their interest.


Referral required?
Referral Details

We accept referrals directly from schools or through the authority throughout the year. Enrolments onto our Year 11 Alternative Provision GCSEs in maths, science and English are also taken throughout the year up to the exams.


Last updated: 28/08/2018
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