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Arbeia Roman Fort and Museum

Built around AD160, Arbeia Roman Fort once guarded the entrance to the River Tyne, playing an essential role in the mighty frontier system. Based four miles east of the end of Hadrian's Wall at South Shields, the Fort was originally built to house a garrison and soon became the military supply base for the 17 Forts along the Wall.

Standing above the entrance to the River Tyne, Arbeia Roman Fort guarded the main sea route to Hadrian's Wall. It was a key garrison and military supply base to other forts along the Wall and is an important part of the history of Roman Britain.

Step into the Fort and immerse yourself in the world of the Romans right in the heart of South Shields. Have a look inside the full-scale reconstructed Roman buildings including the West Gates and Commanding Officer's house and a soldier's barrack block, witness live excavations and see one of the finest collections of finds from Roman Britain all found in and around Arbeia.

Stories are brought to life at Arbeia through a variety of events and displays including gladiator battles, falconry displays, Roman re-enactments, storytelling and more.

Who to contact

0191 277 1410

Where to go

Arbeia Roman Fort and Museum
Baring Street
South Shields
NE33 2BB
Last updated: 22/03/2017
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