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Into Apprenticeships Guide

Into Apprenticeships Guide

Disability Rights UK's Into Apprenticeships is a guide for disabled people, parents and key advisers about applying for apprenticeships in England.

Apprenticeships can be a great, direct route for disabled people to get skilled jobs and careers. They cover a wide range of vocational areas, there are many different and flexible ways to join and we believe recent changes to funding and entry criteria will help make apprenticeships even more accessible.

Disability Rights UK supports the government’s commitment to creating three million new apprenticeships by 2020. We believe this provides a unique opportunity to help meet another commitment – that of halving the disability employment gap

Our Into Apprenticeships 2017 guide deals with common questions such as how to find an apprenticeship, whether the training will be accessible and what support is available in the workplace. There are several inspiring stories written by disabled apprentices about their own experiences and the challenges they have faced. The guide also contains a useful resources section listing further websites, publications and organisations which can help.

For a copy of the guide please visit the Disability Rights UK website.