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Children's Social Care

Children's Social Care

For all information about Children's Social Care please see here: Children's Social Care and Early Help | Newcastle City Council.

Information for carers

Information can be found on the Newcastle City Council website.

Young carers

Newcastle has a dedicated service for Young Carers - Newcastle Carers.

They provide individual and group support for young carers, as well as advice for their family. This is Charlie Do you look after someone like Charlie does?

Young carers are children and young people under 18, who take on physical, practical or emotional responsibilities at home because someone in their family is ill, has a disability, experiences mental health problems or has a problem linked to alcohol or drugs.

Mobility equipment and adaptations

Equipment and Adaptations Childrens Occupational Therapy

If your child has a disability which is considered permanent or substantial you may be eligible for assistance from the local authority. 

Home adaptations such as the provision of adaptations which help you get your child upstairs such as through floor lifts, hoists and  reconfiguring bathrooms etc as well as equipment for daily living such a specialist chairs, bath lifts, and toileting equipment etc; could be supplied following an assessment.

An Occupational Therapy assessment will look at the child’s physical and mental health, sensory needs, and learning disabilities.  

This assessment will be carried out by the Occupational Therapy service and will look at the difficulties you and your child have with everyday tasks before making any recommendation for assistance.

Referrals are accepted from health professionals, social care professionals. The service can be contacted by email