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Darren's Story - Trinity Solutions

Darren's Story - Trinity Solutions

Darren is 18 years old and has a mild learning disability.  He didn’t really attend school before moving back to Newcastle.  He has joined a bespoke programme learning employment skills at Trinity Solutions.

“I have cooked meals for people. I am capable of cleaning to a good standard by myself.  I am also capable of travelling to different places by myself.”

What were your worries about getting into work?

I struggle to manage money - getting paid monthly and not weekly would cause problems for me.

What have you done so far to get nearer to work?

I have gained some experience in a garage which is still ongoing. I have also been working towards a level 1 qualification in Maths and English.

In employability I have made a C.V. and looked at roles and responsibilities as an employee, researched jobs and the qualifications I would need to apply for them. I have learnt about budgeting.

I have done a work placement at Stepney Bank Stables and  worked at a farm called The Rising Sun. I have also volunteered at Pets Corner.

I am  currently taking part in a theatre group.

Whilst at Trinity Solutions I have been asked to show potential students around the college site.  I have also been a mentor for new students.  

Who has helped you?

Trinity Solutions

What have you learned along the way?

I am able to fix cars by changing wheels and cleaning brakes, adjusting brake cables and using the ramps safely. I can change the oil and top up the water if need be. I can also valet a car to a good standard. I wear the correct personal protection equipment and follow health and safety instructions to prevent any accidents. I have learnt to use the balance machine to balance out the tyres.

Since joining Trinity Solutions I have learnt to follow procedures such as time keeping and requesting holidays and phoning to let staff know if I am going to be late.

Your hopes for the future

I am hoping to get a job in a garage in the near future or a job in a warehouse.