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Emotionally Based School Non Attendance (EBSNA)

Emotionally Based School Non Attendance (EBSNA)

Emotionally Based School Non Attendance, or EBSNA, is a type of absenteeism driven by emotional factors (e.g. stress, anxiety, low mood, low motivation), which is used by children/ young people as a strategy to avoid educational situations and/or seek something which better meets their needs outside of an educational context.

Newcastle Educational Psychology Service is currently delivering initial EBSNA training to a number of educational provisions and staff working with young people in education this year, with schools currently being held on a waitlist for the coming year.  For those who have accessed the training, there are additional resources offered here, as well as access to the webinar version of the training provided (below).

The EBSNA Padlet created by Newcastle EPS Service can be accessed by clicking or scanning the QR Code below.



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