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Sarah's Story - Project Choice

Sarah's Story - Project Choice

Sarah is 20 years old and has a global learning difficulty. Sarah Joined Project Choice (Newcastle) in September 2016 after leaving Walker Technology College.

What were my worries about getting into work?  

When I was at school worried about finding somewhere I could work that I would like and where I would feel comfortable especially with dealing with the social interaction side of work.  I knew I wanted to work but felt I still needed support to do so which is why I chose Project Choice.

What have I done so far to get me nearer to work?

In the project I have had two workplace placements within the NHS. I do this three days a week and I felt like I was treated like a real employee!  I also spend two days a week in college learning employability skills. So far I have learned things like how to make a CV and carry out an interview.  I feel my confidence is growing each day and I love the independence of leaving for work in the morning on my own.

Who has helped me with this? 

Project Choice staff, my mentors, my family, Walker Technology College.

What have I learned along the way?

This is a really good experience, I feel confident and I have really come out of my shell. I have made friends in work and in college. I really liked my last placement at the Freeman Hospital linen room and we even had music whilst we work!  I think everyone should apply for this project.  Its hard work but worth it.

My employment so far/ My hopes for the future

After finishing my year with Project Choice I successfully got a paid traineeship in the Freeman Hospital as a Domestic Services Assistant which is what I am doing now. This involves cleaning on the wards; I really enjoy this and enjoy talking to the patients and trying to brighten their day. I am so proud of myself for getting a paid job. I was also recently nominated for a Streetwise Inspirational Youth Award and won it!  This was a really proud moment for me.

Eventually I would like to live independently but for now I am happy living with my parents and earning my own money.