Understanding and Developing Social, Emotional and Mental Health Skills (SEMH)

Understanding and Developing Social, Emotional and Mental Health Skills (SEMH)

Core Training Offer for all Staff in Newcastle’s Schools and Colleges: ‘Developing Social, Emotional and Mental Health’


Last academic year, different professionals from across Health, Education, Youth Justice and the Family and Charity Sector in Newcastle worked together to consider the training offer for school and college staff which would most likely lead to improved wellbeing and positive mental health for our children and young people. Thank you to those who have participated so far.

As well as this being a requirement from the Department for Education and Public Health England, Newcastle specific research conducted in 2020 and 2021 has identified that staff in Newcastle’s mainstream settings want to learn more about how to develop their practice and include children and young people in their settings.

For more information on the working group’s process and other relevant background and rationale, please see the 5Rs Framework Appendices.


The offer is being piloted with a small number of schools identified as having the greatest level of need.

Guidance relating to the offer are attached to this page and the video below offers a simple introduction to these documents:

And for more information on the 5Rs framework, please watch the video below:

To create a training offer outlined in the attached documents and videos, we considered guidance from a range of sources.  Links to these pages can be found on the right hand side of this page. 

For more information about becoming a Mental Health Lead Practitioner in your setting, please watch the video below:

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